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Lime is expert in anti money laundering legislation, regulation and guidance in the UK and EU. We help Money Service Businesses, Foreign Exchange Providers, Money Transfer Principals and Agents, Pawnbrokers, High Value Dealers, Estate Agents, and any business taking cash. We ensure that they have robust polices and procedures to deter, detect and disrupt money laundering and other financial crime. We provide training and ongoing support.
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NPA Members

Policy & Procedures Outline

In conjunction with the National Pawnbrokers Association, Lime has prepared a skeleton outline for AML & CTF Policies and Procedures, free to NPA members. Click below to be taken to the contact form and apply for the free document.

Working from Home

"Stuart is one of the best in the market with an excellent AML knowledge and a few decades of experience and is available whenever you need him with his expertise."

- Gan U, Victoria FX Change, London

"We have been clients of Lime for nearly 9 years, using their consulting services for our Policies and Procedures, Staff Training and Audits combined with Stress Tests

We have found the advice and service levels to be extremely high.

Lime has the unique ability of understanding AML compliance in the round, and real effort is put into making sure compliance is fully understood and adhered to intuitively."


 - Mark S, Cheques & Change, Bristol

"Lime were an excellent support in devising and maintaining our AML policies and procedures. We have worked with Stuart since the early 2000s and he has never let us down." 

 - Serena L, ForExchange, London


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