Why Ghost?

I'm a consultant. My product is, quite literally, my time.

Time spent on a website is not billable and is therefore an opportunity cost.

I would argue that in this field, a website is not a sales tool. Generally, clients do not first find me here. It's a touchpoint, where people can have a look at what we do, and get in touch.

I want to focus on producing content and doing my work. I am not interested in updating plugins.

So why Ghost?

“Launch your creative business. Content, newsletters, members, payments - all in one place.”

Sounds good to me. Put simply, I like the cut of their jib. Open source, and focused on publishing.

In many ways, Ghost is more constrained than Wordpress. Custom features are possible, if you are prepared to code them yourself. Otherwise, you’re pretty much stuck with how the platform works. That’s perfect for me. I want to focus on the writing, not the “webbing”.

Migrating was fast and easy. I had few images to port across and the site is extremely simple.

Support has been excellent both from the team at Ghost and at GBJ solution, from whom I purchased the theme used here. They have been patient and understanding, as I fired off volleys of questions at them.

I’m still in my free trial*, and it’s very early days, but so far, I’m impressed.

*Edit - As of September 1st, 2020, I am signed up to an annual plan.