Updated Website

We have reviewed our site and updated it. The theme and colour have remained the same – but the content has been updated.

For small businesses operating in the regulated or supervised sector, things are not getting any easier. Banks continue to be wary of dealing with MSBs, and the threats of money laundering and terrorist financing remain relevant and dealing with them can sap key management time. Solutions do exist though, for those prepared to think outside of the box. However businesses need to demonstrate to regulators, supervisors and partners alike that their policies, procedures and compliance management are up to scratch.

In terms of pricing, we have moved the entry point down, for those clients who are looking for help and support but are wary of senior consultant day rates. For £175 a month, clients can now pick up the phone or fire off an e-mail for ‘instant expertise.’

Why not get in touch? Perhaps we can be of service.