Meaningful Compliance

The BigCompFest

Short for the Big Compliance Festival. I can hear you licking your lips at the thought of it.

Run by the International Compliance Association, of which I am a Fellow (get me!) This is an annual event.

2020 will be different. The compliance industry, like every other, is adapting to the new normal, and hosting the event online. Attendees will be able to join “live” and participate in Q&A or watch it on demand later. There are three “parts” running over the remainder of the year.

This post publishes the day before Day 1 (June 10, 2020) – so if you are interested, swing by the landing page.

Otherwise, keep coming by here, where I will be regularly updating on the conference. You can also follow me on Twitter.

Tomorrow, I’m looking forward to hearing from David Blunt, Head of Conduct Specialists at the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). I have heard David speak before, he is knowledgeable and entertaining.

The forced online structure suits me down to the ground. The event usually takes place in London, a five hour flight from me here. It’s hosted at a big swanky hotel in the centre and goes on for a couple of days. Put together travel, accommodation and fees, and I’m easily investing £3,000 to attend.

This way – the cost is less, I can attend only the sessions that are relevant to my sector, and I am still able to complete my normal workload around the conference. I will miss the networking opportunities, but hand on heart, I’ve never gained any business at a compliance conference – the attendees are either consultants like me, or in-house for big firms, taking the expense account for a twirl.

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Jamie Larson