Several years ago, I undertook not one, but two diplomas with International Compliance Training (ICT). First in anti money laundering (AML). I have to admit; it was hard work.


I hadn’t done any studying in a long time. If I wanted to know something that couldn’t be found in a few clicks on Google, then I could delegate the task to my team. They could go and find anything that I needed.

Therefore, going back to school came as a bit of a shock to the system. There were lectures, seminars and books to read. Hell, I even had to write papers and sit an exam.

Gradually, I began to enjoy studying. It was fascinating to hear real life examples and spend time with other people working in the field.

Eventually, I graduated, and was allowed to append ‘Dip. (AML)’ to my name on the business card.

As my company grew, new products were launched and regulation increased. I felt it was time to take on some more study. I registered for the diploma in Financial Crime Prevention (FCP).

Again, I made it through, this time appending ‘Dip. (FCP)’

Consequently, with two diplomas, (shouldn’t that be diplomae?), I was eligible to become a Fellow of the International Compliance Association. Acronym heaven!

Stuart Lennon, FICA, Dip. (AML) (FCP)


A characteristic of this field (apart from the constant proliferation of acronyms), is its constant evolution. New products, new regulation and of course, new ways of circumventing that regulation. Therefore, I was delighted when last year, ICT published that it was to begin a recertification programme.

Immediately, I signed up. Then attended a day’s training and wrote a new paper.

Yesterday, a day or two early, ICT sent an email telling me that I had passed.

I’m recertified.

Or maybe just certifiable.

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