Necessity is the mother of invention, says the proverb.

Lime delivers seminars on AML and regulation. Clients have varying requirements, and previously, I would pull together a slide deck and jump on a plane. Business travel. Remember that?

People bringing me drinks on an aeroplane, checking into a nice hotel with a huge buffet breakfast. Then, off to the conference room, wrestle with A/V connections and wait for the delegates to turn up. At the end of the presentation, take some questions and then fire off a hefty bill to the client.

March 2020, that type of trip died. I suspect, forever.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a doom and gloom merchant, I’m sure that Man will get on top of the virus and the wheels of commerce will be back to full speed soon enough. However, in the short-term, confined to my home office, it was necessary to start looking at alternatives.

Turns out, there’s no reason that I can’t produce a presentation remotely. The client team can gather, log in and hear my presentation from afar.

Actually, do they need to gather? No. Not really.

While we are at it, is there a way that the presentation could be effective without requiring everyone to be synchronised? For sure.

There’s a learning curve in producing a presentation that is entirely asynchronous, remote and practical – but there are a host of applications and support resources available on the web.

The efficiencies are significant for the client. The disruption to operations is minimised, and of course the cost of travel eliminated. For Lime, there are significant time savings in eliminating travel and in allowing me to batch similar tasks together.

I’m sure travel will still be required on occasion, but I’m equally sure that the days of “Gold” airline cards are over.

Covid hasn’t changed the technology, but it has forced people to reconsider communication and remote working. I know plenty of firms where teams have switched to staying at home, seamlessly. The people struggling are those at the top, who might be less familiar with messaging apps, syntax and conventions. However – they are loving the streamlining of their cost base.

If necessity doesn’t guarantee innovation, necessity and efficiency make for a powerful combination.