Ebay. Am I missing something?

In a previous life, I must have been a magpie.

I only need to catch sight of a shiny new Apple gadget and I start experiencing palpitations. This week, I decided that I could not justify two Apple laptops.

So, I took a deep breath and typed eBay into my browser. I have used it before and frankly, found it all too much hassle.

I have some experience now. First thing was to buy a genuine Apple Box for my laptop. It just makes sending it so much easier. Someone had some, the feedback was good, so I took the plunge and bought a box. All good.

I took some photos of the laptop, read all the rules on selling on eBay, and opted for an auction only listing with a low starting bid. (The eBay recommendation) The auction runs for 7 days. On day one, I have received 12 emails from 8 ‘buyers’. Each of them wants to circumvent the auction and buy it direct.

Politely, I have pointed out that actually, I’m not allowed to do that. Some have got very upset with me.

I assume that my experience is not unique. It might well be normal. So, every seller is immediately and repeatedly approached by people who at best are looking for ‘a sweet deal’ and at worst are fraudsters.

Is that sustainable? Can eBay survive in 2016 and beyond?