Donald. Saviour of refresher training?

Next week, I am delivering refresher training to some counter-staff of a MSB.

At the start of the session, I ask the delegates for any real of concern or topics that they would like to see covered.

Almost certainly, I’ll be swept away by an onrushing tide of silence.

Let’s face it, few counter-staff are counting down the days until their AML refresher course.

To make things worse, I’m the last thing between these guys and a company-funded adult beverage or two.

Thank the Lord then, for the gift that is, “The Donald.” The orange-man’s current high-profile adventures almost make sanctions worth talking about. A couple of leading questions about North Korea and Iran, and I’ll soon have the delegates contributing, talking and possibly even laughing.

My job will be to harness this engagement and carry it through into explanation of PSD II, MLR 2017, and the coming joys of AMLD V and AMLD VI. As enthusiasm inevitably wanes, I will fall back on PEP’s, (guaranteed to wind up counter-staff), or failing that, the impact of Brexit on financial regulation.

Presumably, at some point, “The Donald” will be gone. Literally or figuratively. Less certain, but possible, is that somebody important will remark:

“This PEP thing. It really is useless, isn’t it? Shall we start again?”

Undoubtedly, such developments will be good for the world, but they will make designing and delivering engaging refresher training that little bit harder.


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