BigCompFest Part II

Tomorrow, I’m back online, attending a series of webinars put on by the International Compliance Association.

This week, we’re covering Leadership and Cyber Risk. As per part one, the event is split over two days, with three speakers on each.

I’m looking forward to it. Now - that’s not something I’d usually say about a compliance conference, but we live in strange times.

Leadership features presentations from:

Jamil Quereshi, Performance Coach, Author and Psychologist.

Amalia Chilianis, Consultant, Coach, Speaker and Trainer.

Simon Hurry, Managing Founder & Strategist.

There’s a lot of psychology in there.

Cyber Risk

Paul C Dwyer, President, International Cyber Threat Task Force.

Jon Stoddard, Information Security and Threat Intelligence Leader.

Guy Sheppard, Head of Asia-Pacific Financial Crime, Intelligence and Cyber at SWIFT

Wow. Compliance teams definitely do the best job titles.

Much of these presentations will not directly impact the way that I support my clients. However, understanding the threat environment, and the psychology of compliance are indubitably useful.

I’ll report back next week.